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Caroleo, Catanzarese, Nicastrese

(area of origin: CALABRIA)

Tree: Of medium-high vigor, it has an uprising, ample posture. The foliage, which takes the form of an inverted pyramid, is provided with slender and erect twigs. The leaves, medium-large in size, are elongated, regular, light green in color.

Fruit: The drupes are used both for oil and for direct consumption in brine or dried. Large, pulpy, asymmetrical, the olives have an ovoid shape with umbonate apex and weight of 4-8g; The maturation is scalar and quite late. The oil yield is 20-25% and the product is judged to be of remarkable quality. The pulp accounts for 80-85% of the fruit.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-sterile and very productive cultivar in its areas of origin. Pollinators: Nocellara Messinese. Good resistance to cold, drought and spring frosts.

Considerations: The Carolea requires agronomic care but adapts well to the different environmental conditions of the south. For the bearing of the plant and the size of the fruits this cultivar lends itself to mechanical harvesting.

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