Ascolana Tenera

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(Area of origin: MARCHE)

Tree: Vigorous plant with very dense foliage with an uprising habit and slightly pendulous fruiting branches. The elliptical, regular, deep green leaves are medium in size.

Fruit: Ellipsoidal in shape, slightly asymmetrical with rounded apex or just sub-conical. Light green in color, it is intended for the canteen for large sizes (8-10g). The pulp represents about 86%-87% of the fruit and is milky white. The oil yield can reach 16-18% and the product is considered light.

Agronomic characters: Self-incompatible cultivar, presents abortion of the elevated ovary. Pollinators: Lea, Rosciola, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino. Resistance: cold, cycloconium and mange.

Considerations: Despite the delicacy of the pulp it is a very valuable cultivar, widespread and appreciated all over the world.

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