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Oliva di Gaeta, Oliva Grossa, Trana.

(area of origin: LAZIO)

Tree: Very vigorous plant, of considerable size and rising posture. The crown, compact and dense, is provided with rather large elliptic-lanceolate leaves.

Fruit: Cultivar with dual attitude with roundish, asymmetrical and medium-sized fruits (3-5g). At harvest the drupes are dark vinous in color with pruinose and lenticellate surface. Good quality oil (average yield 20%) is pleasant and highly appreciated; Tanned olives are highly sought after. Ripening is late.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-sterile, very productive, it has a good resistance to cold and to the most frequent parasitic infestations in the olive tree. Pollinators: Leccino, Pendolino.

Considerations: Very rustic, it is considered a variety with a dual attitude and good adaptability to the various olive areas of our country.

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