Nocellara Etnea

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Nociddara, Ghiandolara, Pizzuta, Paturnisa.

(area of origin: SICILY)

Tree: Vigorous, with thick, pendulous crown. Elliptical-lanceolate, symmetrical, medium-sized leaves; Upper page tomentose, green-grey in color and spiral-shaped surface.

Fruit: The fruit is large (4-8g), symmetrical, ellipsoidal-elongated in shape with a sub-conical apex and slightly rounded base. The surface is dotted with very large lenticels, visible even in the ripe drupes. Maturation is late and the fruits are used for the production of green table olives; the pulp yield varies between 85 and 90%.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-incompatible cultivar which presents phenomena of intersterility with Ogliarola Messina and Tonda Iblea. Fruiting is high but alternating. Pollinators: Zaituna, Moresca, Biancolilla, Maurino. Resistance: strong against mange and good against Dacus.

Consideration: Adaptable to different environments, Nocellara Etnea is considered among the best Italian cultivars for the peculiar industrial and organoleptic characteristics of the drupes.

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