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Olive de Carpentras, Olive noire de Nyons

(area of origin: FRANCE)

Tree: Vigorous plant with rising posture and globose foliage, expanded. Leaves wide, pale green and rather large.

Fruit: Cultivar with dual attitude; The pulp-rich drupes (80%) are of good size (5-6g) and ellipsoidal in shape with rounded apex. Ripening is late; The olives of purplish black color, contain a very high quantity of oil (25-30%) of fine quality.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-sterile, it produces well especially if assisted with adequate cultural care. Pollinators: Cayon. Resistance: relevant to cold and mange.

Considerations: It is the best variety French for the packaging of black olives. Prefers light and deep soils. More recently it has found a greater diffusion in less temperate zones.

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