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Racioppa di Corato, Racema.

(area of origin: PUGLIA)

Tree: Plant of medium size and medium-pendulous habit. The expanded foliage, tending to globular shape, carries long and flexible branches. The leaf, dark green, is elliptical and ends with a slight mucron.

Fruit: Typical plant of Puglia with large drupes (4-5g), ovoid-elongated and slightly asymmetrical. Maturation is medium late; The fruits, harvested when they are black at the apex, give a high yield to the mill (21-26%) and a very fruity oil.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-sterile cultivar, of high and constant productivity, it is scarcely affected by ovarian abortion (about 15%). Pollinators: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino. It resists well to drought, cold, peacock eye and generally also to other parasites.

Considerations: Characterized by an early entry into production, Coratina is a cultivar of great adaptability to the most diverse Italian soils and olive environments.

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