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(area of origin: TUSCANY)

Tree: Of medium development and bearing of the main branches erect; The foliage is collected with hanging fruiting branches and rising tops. The leaves are elliptical, medium in size and green-gray in color.

Fruit: Typical Tuscan cultivar for oil. The fruits (1.5-2.5g), ellipsoidal and slightly asymmetrical, are black-violet when harvested. The ripening is considered quite early and the oil, much appreciated, is present in the fruits with average values of 20-21%.

Agronomic characters: Self-incompatible cultivar, it has a low abortion of the ovary and a partial androsterility. Fruiting is good but slightly alternating. Pollinators: Pendolino, Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo. Resistance: good to cycloconium, cold, mange and fog.

Considerations: Cultivar excellent pollinator for the Moraiolo and the Pendolino; It can also be grown in wet, cold and foggy areas.

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