Gordal Sevillana

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Sevillana, Gordales, Real

area of origin: ANDALUSIA (SPAIN)

Tree: Of medium vigor, not very rising, it has a rather open bearing. Foliage not dense, with long and pendulous twigs and large dark green leaves.

Fruit: Of considerable size (10-12g), elliptical-elongated, slightly asymmetrical with round or sub-conical apex. The drupes, which have a pulp/stone ratio of about 85-86%, are intended for the canteen and are harvested green. The maturation is early but subsequent to the tender Ascolana.

Agronomic characteristics: The trees predispose to fruiting very early. Self-sterile cultivar, it has a high but alternating productivity. Pollinators: Manzanilla. Withstands cold, moisture, Dacus and tuberculosis well.

Considerations: Requires fresh and fertile soils; Cultivar very widespread and appreciated for the particular size of the fruits.

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