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Ruzzolino, Morinello, Oriolo

(area of origin: TUSCANY)

Tree: Plant of medium vigor with branches with a rising posture tending to diverge. The foliage, collected, is rich in elliptical-lanceolate leaves, green-gray on the upper page and medium in size.

Fruit: Rather small (1.5-2g), roundish, spheroidal, symmetrical; At harvest the fruits are black-purplish and rich in oil (average yield 18-20% but with peaks up to 24%). Maturation is very early and contemporary.

Agronomic characteristics: The cultivar has an average high and constant productivity; it is self-sterile and requires adequate pollinators such as Pendolino, Maurino, Morchiaio, Tondello. Resistance: cold, caries, mange.

Considerations: Rustic plant, ideal for hilly areas beaten by northern winds, it is widely spread in the most typical olive areas of central Italy. The oil is highly appreciated.

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