Uovo di Piccione

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Grosse du Hamma, Oeuf de Pigeon

(area of origin: TUNISIA)

Tree: Vigorous, of notable development, with a rather upright habit and spreading crown. The branches are long and flexible, provided with elliptical-lanceolate leaves, of medium size and of a bright green colour.

Fruit: Table olive of exceptional size (8-10g) with an average pulp yield of 82%. Maturation is early. The fruits, ellipsoidal and slightly asymmetrical in shape, are harvested when they are bright green.

Agronomic characteristics: Partially self-compatible cultivar needs appropriate pollinators to ensure regular fruiting. Ovarian abortion of 10-25% and medium-high productivity. Pollinators: Manzanilla. Resistance: cold, peacock eye and mange.

Considerations: Valuable variety for the large size of the drupes and for being a good pollinator. It has found wide diffusion in the olive-growing areas of the Mediterranean.

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