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Carboncina, Carbogna, Ritornella

(area of origin: LAZIO)

Tree: Oil cultivar typical of central Italy. The plant of good development and with a clearly rising posture, has characteristic long and thin twigs that become pendulous under the load of the fruits. The leaves are small and dark green.

Fruit: Drupe of small size (2g), slightly ellipsoidal, symmetrical, dark purplish when ripe. It is known for its high oil yield (21-25%) and for the quality of the product strongly appreciated in Sabina. Fruit ripening is early and contemporary.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-incompatible, high and constant productivity. Pollinators: Lea, Ascolana tenera, Sargano. It resists cold, caries, moth and mange.

Considerations: Often confused with the Tuscan Moraiolo, it is a rustic variety that adapts well to calcareous soils with low humidity and good exposure.

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