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(area of origin: LAZIO)

Tree: Of moderate development and rising foliage; The twigs, pendulous under the load of the fruits, are provided with medium-sized, lanceolate, symmetrical, light green leaves with ashy reflections.

Fruit: Ellipsoidal, with rounded base and apex, has an average weight of 2-3g. The olives ripen quite early and have a black-purple color with red reflections. The yield at the mill is discreet (about 20%) and the oil of significant quality.

Agronomic characteristics: Variety partially self-fertile but which must be considered self-sterile; Very productive and with low abortion of the ovary. The resistance is discreet to all the most common pests of the olive tree.

Considerations: Rustic oil cultivars and highly adaptable to the various environments of central Italy (Marche and Lazio).


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