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(area of origin: TUSCANY)

Tree: Vigorous with rising and open bearing. The foliage is wide, expanded, with many pendulous twigs, arched at the apex. The leaves are medium in size, elliptical-lanceolate, green gray in color.

Fruit: Medium (2-2,5g), ellipsoidal, slightly asymmetrical, with rounded apex and flattened base. Oil cultivars of considerable diffusion with early and simultaneous ripening of fruits. The olives at harvest are black-purple and have an oil yield ranging from 17 to 22%. Good and not very fruity oil.

Agronomic characteristics: Self-incompatible variety of good and constant fruiting. Pollinators: Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino, Frantoio, Morchiaio, Maremmano. It resists low temperatures, temperature changes, winds, fogs, mange, caries and cycloconium.

Considerations: Very rustic cultivar and worldwide diffusion. Plants soon go into production and withstand climatic and parasitic adversities well. More recently this cultivar has also been used for the production of table olives of the iridescent or black type.

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