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Maurino fiorentino, Piangente.

(area of origin: TUSCANY)

Tree: Not very vigorous, it assumes relatively limited development with a marked pendulous posture. The thick foliage is rich in lanceolate leaves, narrow and long, of medium size and of a rather dark green-gray color.

Fruit: Obovate, asymmetrical, with rounded apex and weight of 1.5-2.5g. The ripening of the fruits on the plant is contemporary, while the era is intermediate compared to the other Tuscan cultivars. The drupes, black and with pruinose surface, give a high yield (22-23%) and an oil with a delicate and very pleasant taste.

Agronomic characteristics: Tuscan cultivar from oil very widespread as a pollinator in place of the Morchiaio from which it differs for the high and constant fructification. It is self-sterile and prefers Maurino, Rosciola, Leccino, Rossellino cerretano as pollinators. Average resistance to cold.

Considerations: It is an excellent pollinator for the large production of pollen and for compatibility with numerous oil and table cultivars.

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