Grossa di Spagna

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Oliva di Cerignola, Olivo di Spagna

(area of origin: PUGLIA)

Tree: Apulian variety of medium vigor with contained but rather dense crown; it has an expansive and basically pendulous habit. The leaves are medium-sized, elliptical-lanceolate, narrow with a limited surface and dark green color on the upper page.

Fruit: Intended for the table, it has a large size (8-12g); its shape is elongated ellipsoidal, asymmetrical with a sub-conical apex and a flattened base. It is mainly used for green conservation. Maturation is early and the pulp has a hard consistency and represents about 75% of the fruit. It is also possible to obtain a fair amount of fine oil (16-19%).

Agronomic characteristics: It has an average high productivity; it is self-sterile with ovarian abortion which can reach about 60%. Pollinators: Maurino, Coratina, Pendolino, Frantoio, Olivastra, Leccino. Moderately resistant to the most common olive tree diseases.

Considerations: It requires fertile soils and good cultivation care; responds well to irrigated cultivation and is a valuable cultivar for the size and beauty of the fruits.

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