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Oliva di Andria, Oliva grossa andriesana.

(area of origin: PUGLIA)

Tree: Quite vigorous but of modest development; the medium rising branches have a collected posture with very flexible, long and pendulous fruit-bearing branches. The leaf is large, lanceolate and pale green.

Fruit: Of large size (8-9g), the fruit is asymmetrical, ovoid in shape and maximum width in the central area. It is harvested early (September) to be used for the preparation of green olives, while when ripe (November) it takes on a purplish colour. The pulp is abundant (90%) and of significant quality.

Agronomic characteristics: Good fruiting; self-sterile, requires Coratina, Moraiolo as pollinators; Correct it. It resists well to cycloconium.

Considerations: Cultivars of considerable value due to the size of the fruit and the quality of the pulp.

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