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Coiasses, Coliasse, Fausse.

(area of origin: FRANCE)

Tree: Of medium vigor, with open and relatively upright foliage. Fruiting branches usually pendulous to long internodes. Leaves elliptical-lanceolate, large, light green in color and flat surface.

Fruit: The drupes, of medium size (3-5g), are harvested green if used for the canteen, black if intended for the production of oil. The ripening is late and the olives, ellipsoidal-elongated, have average oil yields of 18-20%.

Agronomic characteristics: Cultivar partially self-fertile, of good and constant productivity. Pollinators: Bouteillan, Leccino, Lucques, Manzanilla, Sigoise. Resistance: remarkable to drought, medium cold, cycloconium and Dacus.

Considerations: Rustic cultivar with dual attitude, very common in France. It enters production early and has proved to be easy to adapt to various environments and terrains.

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