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Canina, Caninese, Montignoso

(area of origin: LAZIO)

Tree: Very common in Lazio and Umbria, it is a plant of great size with a rising posture and compact foliage. The leaves, medium-large in size but narrow, are green-gray.

Fruit: Typical oil cultivar; It has small fruits (1-2g) of spherical ellipsoidal shape. At harvest the drupes are never all black because the maturation is late and scalar. The oil yield is medium (15-16%) but the quality of the product is good.

Agronomic characters: Self-sterile, with fairly low ovarian abortion (15-20%), it has good productivity even in different pedoclimatic environments. Pollinators: Olivone, Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino. Particularly resistant to mange, cold, fly and winds.

Considerations: With late ripening, it is generally the last cultivar to be harvested in the various diffusion environments. It adapts very well in coastal areas, but also in altitudes up to 500 meters.

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