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Olia de Ozzu, Olia Terza, Palma

(area of origin: SARDINIA)

Tree: Medium vigorous with expanded foliage outwards; Pendulous and long twigs with characteristically rising buds. The leaf is large, dark green in color and leathery consistency.

Fruit: medium-small size (2-2.5g), elliptical, slightly asymmetrical with sub-conical-rounded apex. Maturation is late and very scalar; At harvest the drupes are purplish black and yield 17-18% in oil.

Agronomic characteristics: Cultivars of good and constant productivity; self-incompatible, it has a low percentage of flowers with aborted ovary (25%). Pollinators: Pizz’e and Carroga, Olia Niedda, Tonda di Cagliari. Resists well to low temperatures; No particular sensitivity to the most common plant diseases of the olive tree is reported.

Considerations: Very rustic, it adapts well to the different climatic and pedological environments of Sardinia.

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