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(area of origin: LIGURIA)

Tree: Of medium-high vigor, with pendulous posture, open; The very branched and expanded foliage is provided with flexible fruit twigs with long internodes. The medium-large, elliptical, elongated leaves are bright dark green on the upper page.

Fruit: Cylindrical, elongated, slightly enlarged at the base and of medium size (3-3.5g). The maturation is on average late. The fruits provide fairly high yields to the mill (23-26%) with oil much sought after for its organoleptic characteristics.

Agronomic characteristics: Main Ligurian cultivar, self-fertile, has a high and constant productivity; Flowers with aborted ovary result in minimal quantity. Endurance: average for all adversities.

Considerations: Variety not very rustic but very appreciated for productivity, yield and characteristics of the oil.

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